Various - Funk Drops 3: Breaks, Nuggets And Rarities
Artista: Various
Gênero: Funk
Ano: 2004
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Keep On Dancing (2:37)

Do The Funky Boogaloo (Pt. 1) (2:15)

Mashed Potato, Pop Corn (2:42)

Get In The Groove (2:22)

Funky John (2:44)

The Memphis Train (2:29)

Help Me Make Up My Mind (2:41)

Here Comes The Meter Man (2:50)

Rise Up (2:45)

I'm On The Move (2:55)

Won't Nobody Listen (4:13)

Fan The Fire (3:06)

Get Down People (2:31)

Hang On In There (3:32)

Monkey Tamarind (3:33)

Whatever's Fair (2:38)

Your Love Is Certified (1:58)

What Can You Bring Me? (2:44)

Get Down (Single Version) (3:50)

Just Kissed My Baby (4:34)

No Time To Burn (3:34)

I'm Just Like You (3:23)

Improve (2:43)

Hurry Hurry (3:36)

Four Play (Promo Edit) (3:30)